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Publican basher sentenced for large drug posession

Appearing via video link from prison for bashing a Miles publican, Darryl Michael Douglas Himstedt has once again fronted the same Roma Magistrate charged with possessing over 400 grams of cannabis.

With a 12-page criminal history, Himstedt is due to be released from prison on June 4 after he punched and kicked the Miles pub manager at night on October 31, 2020.

This time, Himstedt pleaded guilty in the Roma Magistrates Court on Tuesday, March 16 after police located 459.3 grams of cannabis in his possession.

At 7.40pm on January 7, police intercepted a vehicle for the purposes of an RBT in Dalby.

“Police observed the defendant was the passenger, police approached the passenger side and observed an object wrapped in plastic next to the vehicle, a large brick of green leafy material,” police prosecutor sergeant Heather Whiting said.

“Both the defendant and the driver declined to be formally interviewed, though the defendant informed police it was cannabis … it weighed 459.3 grams.”

The defendant’s solicitor Laurie Parker pleaded with the magistrate to consider not extending his parole release date so he can get back to his family.

“He’s keen to get out on June 4, Your Honour … I submit that this sentence run concurrently so he can ensure he’s out and able to take care of his kids and get them back into school,” Mr Parker submitted.

Mr Parker informed Magistrate Peter Saggers that he fined the co-defendant $1500 for the same offence.

However, the magistrate reminded the solicitor the co-defendant does not have such a lengthy history like the defendant.

The defendant was sentenced to four months imprisonment with the parole release date remaining June 4.

“When you are released on that date, you need to ensure you are not getting involved in possessing drugs and fights in motels, if you are to look after these kids, you need to be doing it property,” the magistrate warned the defendant.

“You can’t be on one hand engaging in this behaviour, then on the other trying to raise these children, it’s not consistent.”

“I understand Your Honour,” Himstedt replied.

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