READER'S VIEW: 90% would be unaffected by same sex marriage

RE: Al Byrnand's letter 6/8. I took his advice and did quite a lot of research into the effects of marriage equality. Read that letter here: READER'S VIEW: Do same-sex research instead of asking others

I considered the Australian Marriage Forum web site and advice from the Australian Catholic bishop's "Don't Mess with Marriage". Also much social commentary in favour and the Bible.

I think my conclusions are sound and factually evidence based. The good news is that most of us will be completely unaffected, other than the warm feeling that another form of discrimination has been abolished.

Two minorities will however be considerably impacted. One group will benefit from the realization of their dreams to have their loving relationships recognised by society as equal in status.

Most of us won't understand why this is so important to the homosexual minority, (approx. 10%).

Most of us are part of the dominant majority and have not experienced discrimination. We take for granted being able to express our love through marriage.

Given 50% of our marriages fail, with negative consequences for our kids, we take this institution far too much for granted.

Maybe gay marriages will be more committed and stable, only time will tell, (if only they get the chance).

There is no factual evidence that their children are any less cared for and loved.

The other minority that will be significantly affected if marriage equality is accepted by Australia is that small subset of the committed religious, who believe homosexuality is an unnatural, sinful aberration that needs to be cured or extinguished or in the best religious tradition, pitied, but tolerated.

This group invokes their highly selective interpretation of the Bible and makes homophobic claims that some how marriage equality will lead to gay men stealing children from their mothers and children deserve better because gays are inferior parents.

They predict all manner of dire consequences if marriage equality is achieved, but neglect to mention that churches already have exemption from anti discrimination legislation and that Canada has had marriage equality for 10 years with no dire consequences.

I accept their religious sensibilities will be affected because homophobia is at the base of these.

Homosexuality is a bridge too far for this group, that is why they are protected by the exemption.

The compromise proposed by Tim Wilson, (the other Human Rights Commissioner), may go along way to resolving some of these issues.

Hopefully the next step in our social evolution to a more humanitarian society will be sorted by the end of the year.

Shane Newell



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