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Brough to heed electorate on marriage vote

FISHER MP Mal Brough was on House Duty and not making a principled stand for marriage equality when he was the only Government MP to put in an appearance for Opposition Leader Bill Shorten's presentation of a bill to Parliament on the matter.

Mr Brough, along with Wyatt Roy and Senator Glenn Lazarus, has been listed as a same sex marriage supporter by groups like Australian Marriage Equality.

Australian Marriage Equality national director Rodney Croome has also praised Mr Brough's "principled stand in support of marriage equality".

Yesterday, however, regardless of what messages marriage equality lobbyists may have received, Mr Brough was hosing down any suggestion that he was supporting either Mr Shorten's bill or the same sex marriage lobby.

A spokeswoman said Mr Brough had been on Coalition House Duty at the time, a roster that required his presence in Parliament.

And she pointed to a statement posted online by Mr Brough which indicates clearly there will be no principles involved in the position he finally adopts on the issue.

"I have been contacted by numerous people recently and asked about my views on same sex marriage,'' Mr Brough wrote.

"At a 'Meet the Candidate' night in Kawana prior to the last election I expressed the view that if the issue was to be voted on as a conscience vote I would be guided by the majority view of the electorate.

"I believe I should not lead with my own personal view but rather represent the majority view and I intend to keep this commitment."

Mr Brough's plan, if the matter is allowed by Prime Minister Tony Abbott to go to a conscience vote, is to establish a Fisher referendum.

The majority view expressed by that process will dictate the vote he ultimately casts in Parliament.

Mr Croome said his understanding of Mr Brough's position had been informed by a news

paper article headed "PM looks to cross party reforms" on May 28 which listed him as a supporter.

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