Charleville courthouse court generic
Charleville courthouse court generic

Repeat traffic offender disqualified after crossing Charleville street

RICHARD Stanley Ryan thought he could cross a street with an uninsured and unlicensed motorbike, but this error of judgment landed him in court.

The 31-year-old was spotted by police as he rode a blue and white Yamaha motorcycle on the grassy areas on Sturt Street opposite the duck ponds at 11.50am on October 12, 2019, police prosecutor sergeant Caroline Boodnikoff told the Charleville Magistrates Court.

“He was not wearing a motorcycle helmet at the time,” sgt Boodnikoff said.

After being spotted on numerous other streets and riding near the railway line, police intercepted Ryan while riding on a dirt strip next to the Warrego Hwy.

Sgt Boodnikoff said the charge was in relation to Park Street, which he crossed.

“Police conducted those checks after they intercepted the defendant and it revealed that he was disqualified on 22 May 2018 for a period of 24 months,” sgt Boodnikoff told the court.

Checks also showed the motorbike was unregistered and uninsured.

Ryan’s lawyer Frank Jongkind outlined the details of his previous driving history to the court.

“Your honour will no doubt notice that there’s an entry on his traffic record on 7 March 2018 where he was charged with a disqualifying driving offence and the sentencing code was 50 days imprisonment with a parole release date on the 3 April 2018, so sometime after the determination,” Mr Jongkind said.

Magistrate Peter Saggers later asked Mr Jongkind whether Ryan thought he was allowed to legally ride along the dirt.

“He thought that he was driving where he was allowed to drive and that’s really not at all,” Mr Jongkind said.

For the charge of driving whilst disqualified, Ryan was slapped with another disqualification for two years.

For three other driving offences, regarding his driving unlicensed and uninsured from October 2019, he was convicted and not further punished.

The conviction was recorded and he has eight outstanding offences before the Charleville Magistrates Court.

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