Rickuss defends letterbox drop after mayor's death

A LOCKYER Valley politician has been forced to defend himself against an ill-timed letterbox drop targeting former Mayor Steve Jones.

Member for Lockyer Ian Rickuss yesterday went on the defensive after a barrage of complaints surfaced regarding letters dropped to about 14,000 homes in the valley region.

He stopped short of apologising for the political literature, instead saying it was "too late to do something" to stop it.

"There were 14,000 letters to be sent out and with something of that size, there is three weeks of lead time," Mr Rickuss said.

"Unfortunately it hit the letter box on the Friday and the Monday."

The six-page document included a one-and-a-half page letter addressed to the householder and detailed the looming State Government four-year term referendum.

It also mentioned the Federal election slated for later this year and floated the possibility of a federal same-sex marriage referendum which Mr Rickuss said he would support.

It was signed by Mr Rickuss.

The remaining four pages of the document posed questions Mr Rickuss said should be considered by Lockyer Valley voters, and instructed constituents on what type of person should earn a position on council.

The Chronicle has chosen not to re-publish the material in full.

Mr Jones' family is understood to have been made aware of the letter which has since been referred on to the State Government for investigation.

Mr Jones was rushed to hospital late Thursday afternoon and died Friday night.

Mr Rickuss said he had no control over when the letters were dropped around the region and defended the letters' content.

He said the letters contained "important information" for the upcoming council election which he also criticised for being pushed back by the State Government.

"They had information on how to vote in the council election, how to number the squares, and the benefits of the four-year terms in government," Mr Rickuss said.

He levelled criticism against the Palaszczuk Government for its decision to delay the Lockyer Valley Regional Council election in the wake of Mr Jones' death last week.

Mr Rickuss described the delay as a waste of taxpayer funds.

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