RIO 2016 in photos: All of our Olympic gold medal winners

AUSTRALIA has finished tenth in the Rio Olympics medal tally with 29 medals - eight gold, 11 silver, 10 bronze.

Eight gold medals matches Australia's performance in London 2012, but the overall medal haul is six medals less four years on.

It is the lowest total since 1992 Barcelona, where the Australian team won 27 medals including seven gold and also finished 10th overall.

The United States topped the table with 46 gold, 37 silver, 38 bronze for a total of 121 medals. Great Britain (27 gold, 67 overall) and China (26 gold, 70 overall) finished in the top three.

Based on our population size, Australia slipped down to 17th with one gold medal per 2,975,250 people. That places Australia ahead of the dominant US team, who won 46 gold at a rate of one gold medal per 6.98million people, but behind our sporting rivals Great Britain (27 gold at 1 per 2.4m) and New Zealand (4 gold at 1 per 1.1m).

Bahamas tops the medal tally per population with one per 388,000. Jamaica (six gold at 1 per 455,000), Croatia five gold at 1 per 844,600) and Fiji (1 per 892,000) round out the top four.