Rapist says he will not return to Gympie after release

CONVICTED rapist Nigel Patrick Robinson says he has no intention of returning to his home town of Gympie.

The Gympie Times ran a court report on Robinson last Friday stating he had been released from custody and granted approval by the Supreme Court to return to Gympie.

But Robinson has since contacted The Gympie Times to say he will not be returning to Gympie as he does not want to create any issues for his family, and will instead live in the greater Brisbane area under strict supervision orders.

The repeat sexual offender had been held in indefinite detention for attacking two women and a nine-year-old girl over a six- month period in 1997.

Supreme Court Justice John Bond found last week that while Robinson remained a danger to the community, the risk he posed could be managed through 38 strict conditions.

Robinson will be under supervision until July 2020 - he will have a Corrective Services officer oversee his weekly schedule and regularly inspect his electronic devices.

Corrective Services will have to approve any residence Robinson proposes to live at with changes to his employment, name or phone number to be immediately reported to the department.

He has been banned from joining, visiting or affiliating with any clubs and from from visiting any schools or having any contact with children under 16. The court heard in 1997 an 18-year-old Robinson attacked two women and a young girl in an attempt to act out violent sexual fantasies.

In May 1997, he attacked a 19-year-old woman after stalking her from a shopping centre and raping her at knifepoint. He attempted to rape a 27-year-old woman in October 1997, but failed.

A month after that failure he indecently assaulted a nine-year-old girl in a schoolyard - which Brisbane psychologist Shay Addison found was in response to his failed earlier attack.



Belinda Brady: Sexual offenders being allowed to live in general, is not a good idea.

Jessika McBride Franz: They let him out and his coming back can't do much about that. I was only 7 when this all this happened. I now have 3 children, we have his name but no photo to protect our children from this rapist. So instead of trying to stir up everyone Gympie Times find a photo of this rapist to benefit Gympie families and the young women.

Sandra Morrison: Send him to live next door to the judge who allowed this.

Kassy Pearson: Far from a good idea they should all be shot or put out bush away from everyone.

Gympie Times

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