STRONG CONNECTION: Merv and Lynette Timms are together marking a milestone anniversary.
STRONG CONNECTION: Merv and Lynette Timms are together marking a milestone anniversary. Joshua Macree

Romance for the ages

THEY say age is just a number, but try telling that to Merv and Lyn Timms.

The two lovebirds, who are a testament to long and successful marriages, are gearing up to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary and they both couldn't be happier.

Merv, who has spent all his life in Roma, and Lyn, who originated from Charleville, met through family connections in 1958 and only two years later decided to tie the knot.

Lynette explained the simplicity of those first moments together and how they both knew they were the ones for each other.

"Once we met, we were young and never worried about anyone else - and that was it,” she said.

For anyone thinking about getting married, it was important to enjoy the time spent together before meeting at the altar, according to Lyn.

"Sometimes you have to just stop and think and don't rush into anything,” she said.

"You have to get to know the person: is this who I want to stop with for the rest of my life?”

Lyn and Merv both proudly display a host of official certificates and letters of congratulations upon reaching the 60-year milestone.

"It means a lot to have received all of this, to have worked at something and physically seeing the reward,” she said.

"It's only a piece of paper but it has meaning.”

Lyn and Merv, who have five children, both agree on the ingredients that have kept them together throughout the decades.

"Dedication, love, communication and friendship is key,” Merv said.

"You have to talk everything over, communication is so important” agreed Lyn.

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