LNP pollies from CQ now waging war on greenies 'lawfare'

Four Liberal National Party MPs from rural Queensland joined forces in Federal Parliament yesterday to wage war on the extreme green movement for trying to halt the Adani coal project.

Michelle Landry (Capricornia), George Christensen (Dawson), Bruce Scott (Maranoa) and Ken O'Dowd (Flynn) pounded Question Time, asking senior ministers - including the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister - to outline how the use of 'lawfare' was putting 10,000 jobs from the potential Adani project at risk.

Lawfare is a media term used to describe the way extreme green groups are using court action to delay important job creating infrastructure projects.

In their attack in Question Time, the MPs said extreme green groups using 'lawfare' to disrupt and delay the Adani coal project would cost Queensland families jobs and turn potential investment away from the state.

In a united statement the four MPs stated:

"The four of us asked questions during Question Time today (sic), all about the Carmichael Mine, because we have got to get the message out there that the extreme green groups are putting a roadblock in the way of job creation, while Labor is looking on in silence.

We want to create jobs for Australians. That is the message we need to make clear. The interests of hard-working Queensland families need to come first."

In response to the MPs' questions in Question Time, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said the government would be backing workers and jobs by ensuring extreme green groups, not directly affected by job-creating projects such as the Carmichael mine, were not able to challenge project approvals in the courts.

"This mine is being legally sabotaged by green activists running a strategic campaign against the coal industry and in fact against all large development. "So I can inform you…that this government will repeal Section 487.2 of the EPBC Act which gives activists the standing to sabotage decisions," Mr Abbott said.


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