Sam Frost in a scene from the TV series The Bachelorette.
Sam Frost in a scene from the TV series The Bachelorette. Photo Channel

TV Insider: Jilted winner Sam Frost gets her own back

WE'LL soon see a group of eligible bachelors competing for Sam Frost's heart, but will she win over viewers?

The jilted winner of last year's season of The Bachelor returns to our screens next week in The Bachelorette.

Channel 10 has high hopes for the spin-off of its popular reality dating show, and there are already calls for viewer favourite Heather Maltman to follow in Frost's footsteps.

I had a sneak peek at The Bachelorette this week, and I believe it succeeds in creating its own flavour distinct from "The Bachie".

Frost is hoping to shake off her label as "the girl who got dumped" by Bachelor "love rat" Blake Garvey, who broke off their short-lived engagement to pursue second runner-up Louise Pillidge.

More power to Frost for taking this opportunity to be in the "driver's seat" and being candid about how low she felt after last year's scandal.

But this first episode of The Bachelorette keeps hitting you over the head with comments about how hard it was for Frost to go on the show. Okay, we get it!

I hope she gets that out of her system early on so we don't spent the entire season hearing about it.

I was hoping for a few less flowers in the wildly over-decorated mansion, but sadly there were just as many garlands, lanterns and bouquets as ever.

At least one of the men puts them to good use by raiding the garden for some flowers to give to Frost - classy, mate.

One of the big differences between this series and The Bachelor is that the men know who they are going to meet and date on national TV.

One mentions thinking she was a "pretty cool chick" on The Bachelor, while another admits his dad is a Bachie tragic and is one of Frost's biggest fans.

There are plenty of nerves on the first night, with one of the guys coming out with a hum-dinger to rival vet Laura's "anal glands" gaff from The Bachelor.

Bring on the tweets! No Bachie viewing experience is complete without the social media commentary.

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