With all the hype surrounding the release of the new iPhone X, Samsung has brought out a video advertisement in which they savagely mock Apple and its customers.

The ad is called "Samsung Galaxy: Growing Up" and shows a young man buying his first iPhone in 2007 and calling his friend to tell him.

A series of clips then play showing the man upgrading to different iPhone models over the years and being repeatedly disappointed by them.

The video shows him trying to take a photograph only to be told there is not enough storage on the phone, along with having to use the iPhone's headphone adaptor to charge the phone and listen to music at the same time.

The man eventually gets rid of his iPhone in favour of a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and is shown giving people lining up for the new iPhone X pitiful looks.

People are upset about Coke's new ad

Forget Kendall Jenner's Pepsi ad, there is a new controversial soda that people are upset about.

Coca-Cola's new ad is making waves on social media and not in a good way.

Early this month Coke released a new commercial in Saudi Arabia, which shows a young female driver in a hijab being taught how to drive by her father.

The ad was meant to celebrate the country's decision to allow women and some people praised the company for their support, but others thought the commercial was in bad taste.

"Coca-cola: Saudi women driving edition. Brands jump at the chance to make a profit off #Saudi's historic announcement," one Twitter user wrote.

According to Coca-Cola, the one-minute long ad titled "Change has a taste," is meant to enable the "economic empowerment of women."



Drugs tests for parents at risk of losing their children

A new program that is being introduced in spots across NSW that have high rates if child abuse will see parents that are at risk of having their children removed undergo drug testing.

The program is set to target around 100 families a year and will see parents asked to partake in drug tests, with experts available 24 hours a day for crisis calls.

This is the first time drug testing has been part of a targeted community welfare program in NSW, with the aim to reduce the number of children entering state care.

Some of the parts of state that will be targeted by the program include Coffs Harbour, Dubbo, Tamworth and Wyong.

Soooo excited to have my app @ice.check featured on NBC6✨✨🍦

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App tells you when Macca's ice cream machine is broken

We all know the pain you feel when you are craving a McFlurry so you jump in the car and make a special trip to McDonald's only to discover that the ice cream machine is broken, again.

But, there is a way to make sure that you never experience this kind of heartbreak again and it is all thanks to a new app.

The app, called Ice Check, allows you to search a nearby McDonald's and find out ahead of time if their ice cream machine isn't working.

Users are able to change the fast food stop's status to 'on' or 'off', whether the machine is working or not and if it is the location's icon will turn pink, or if it is not it will be grey.

Citizenship crisis continues

Another MP has had their citizenship status questioned, with Liberal backbencher John Alexander making enquires to determine whether he also holds British citizenship.

This revelation came just hours after Malcolm Turnbull announced a new citizenship plan, which would force every MP to declare their citizenship status and birth details of their parents and provide proof that any dual citizenship they had was renounced.

If it is confirmed that Mr Alexander holds dual citizenship then it would force another by-election, which could see the Turnbull government lose the majority.

Fairfax Media revealed that there was no indication that Mr Alexander's father, Gilbert Alexander who died in 1987, renounced his UK citizenship before his son was born.

The latest revelation in the citizenship saga could spell trouble for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Picture Gary Ramage
The latest revelation in the citizenship saga could spell trouble for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. Picture Gary Ramage

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