Apparently the Greens do not want to ban voting day sausage sizzles.
Apparently the Greens do not want to ban voting day sausage sizzles.

Satirical site says it was just joking, threatens shutdown

A SATIRICAL website claiming The Greens tried to outlaw NSW election-day sausage sizzles has been forced to shut down after the gullible masses took it seriously… on April Fool's Day

The (un)Australian has posted a farewell message saying the website would cease to be published due to legal proceedings "alleging deliberate misinformation published by us had an adverse affect (sic) on results of the state election".


"At the time we took the decision to publish, we were of the view that the name of the website, the description of the website contained in the 'About' section and the tone of the article was such that a  reasonable person would infer that the article was satirical."

Such an assumption sounds fair, considering what the offending article actually said.

It quoted an unnamed Greens spokesperson, who bemoaned the horrific smell of burning animals and being confronted by "this giant phallic symbol" at the polling booth.

"They could sell tofu or salad or mung beans, it's not all about meat you know a lot of my friends love mung beans," the spokesperson supposedly said.

The Greens even had to issue their own statement clarifying their position on sausage sizzles.

"In these dark days where Princes are made into Sirs, onions are eaten raw, poor people are apparently unable to drive and the entire Abbott government has become a satire of itself, many folk thought this story was true," the statement said.

"The story was not true. The story was a gag, a joke, a satirical piece of penmanship.

"For the record, The Greens love sausage sizzles - with or without onions."

The (un)Australian ran a follow-up (satire) article with Senator Nick Xenophon in which he apparently attacks The Greens for diverting attention away from him with their snag-hating campaign.

In the "unnecessarily lengthy interview", Mr Xenophon is (satirically) quoted as saying "it was not only rude of The Greens to steal my act, but irresponsible to not even consult me on how to do media announcements properly".

"They say they want to be seen as serious and responsible politicians, but they didn't even have any crazy props - no tiny cars or donkeys, not even someone in a sausage suit!" he purportedly continued.

Past stories have included "Mark Latham appointed new host of 'At The Movies'" and "Ruddock really removed to reduce unsettling ghost sightings around parliament"

But for now, at least, the (un)Australian is no more. Possibly only until April 2.   

"We hope you'll think fondly of us while you attempt to get through the rest of your now seemingly- (or indeed, actually-) empty lives," the editorial team signed off.


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