Serial offender returns to jail for latest crime spree

AN IPSWICH man who a judge said had a criminal history for just about everything has been jailed again for his latest brush with the law.

Jake Anthony Brock, 31, pleaded guilty in Brisbane District Court on Friday to more than 20 offences including possessing and supplying dangerous drugs, dangerous driving and assaulting police.

Crown prosecutor Phil McCarthy said Brock was no stranger to the inside of a courtroom because of his extensive criminal history in Victoria and Queensland for drugs, property, assault, driving, motor vehicle and stealing-related offences.

He said Brock's latest crime spree occurred over two separate periods with a 12-month gap in between during 2013 and 2014.

"He was a customer of two significant drug dealers and often purchased drugs off them and shared the drugs with other addicts," he said.

"The dangerous operation of a motor vehicle involved a police chase on June 28 last year along Moggill Rd at Bellbowrie.

"He ran stop signs, red lights, crossed on to the wrong side of the road and at one stage forced a loaded bus to take evasive action to avoid a collision.

"He placed numerous pedestrians and other motorists in danger as a result of his actions."

Mr McCarthy said Brock had also received a stolen Nissan Skyline and took steps to "rebirth" it before attempting to sell it to a prospective buyer.

Defence barrister Angus Edwards said it was obvious Brock had struggled with drug addiction and was seeking treatment inside the correctional facility where he is housed.

"He was a street level user who shared small amounts of drugs with other addicts he knew," he said.

"There was no commerciality to his drug supplying and he did not make any money from doing so."

Judge William Everson sentenced Brock to three years behind bars but ordered he be eligible for parole on October 15 after taking into account the 310 days he had already served in custody. Judge Everson disqualified Brock from holding or obtaining a drivers licence for four years.


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