Shane just out for a morning stroll.
Shane just out for a morning stroll. Slideaholics

OPINION: Sharks are out there, playing by their own rules

YES, I know it's not a very popular topic during school holidays, but it is what's happening right now, so let's talk about sharks for a moment.

No not the footy team, or the evil clowns waiting to charge you too much for too little.

But rather the real deal, those large predatory fish with many rows of big sharp teeth.

Yes, those sharks, the ones some love, others hate, and many more would prefer that they simply don't pop into their conscious thoughts at all.

Well here's the deal - they're back, and back in numbers.

There's been a considerable increase in the amount of bait fish off our beaches lately.

So as the food chain works out its natural order, a few of the really big guys have started to appear yet again.

Yeah, I know, sharks in the ocean, they're always there, big deal, etc.

But you see, it kind of is a big deal, as it's currently school holidays.

In other words, there are people with kids living and staying in our region, who really aren't that clued in to what can go on around here at this time of year.

It's prudent to give them a heads up.

There have been several large sharks spotted around our region over the last week or so enjoying a good feed.

They have, at times, been very close to shore.

This is not some random occurrence - as I said, there's been a lot of bait fish about, and where the food goes, they go.

Here's a little tip. Keep an eye out for bait fish balls.

If you see large dark areas of bait fish in shallow water, especially with birds frantically working the surface of the water, you may like to ask yourself this question: Why do the fish come close to shore and the surface where there is no escape from birds and larger fish?

The answer is simple - it's because whatever is swimming around and beneath them has left them no choice.

Take care and be aware, it's the ocean we play in, it's not a theme park out there.

It is a wild and dynamic environment where the predators at the top of food chain play by their own rules.

They're not interested that we're just out there to play, and they don't hesitate to deal with us, if we get in their way.

Stay safe, wait your turn, and surf today like you want to surf again tomorrow.

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