Cameron Spalding from Maudsland is certainly going to be watching Channel 7's new extreme mini golf competition, Holey Moley, after winning $10,000 in cash for a getting a hole in one!

Local radio station 102.9 Hot Tomato teamed up with Holey Moley for the competition to celebrate the airing of the new show.

"My son actually called up the radio station to become one of the contestants to play in the competition, but as he is only 11, he was too young to enter so he passed the phone to me. That is how I become one of the six contestants," said Mr Spalding.





Thanks to his son Jackson, who is also an avid golf fan, he is now $10,000 richer as he was the first contestant in a round to putt a hole in one at the mini golf competition held at Holey Moley Surfers Paradise.

"To celebrate I went home and opened a nice bottle of rum l had been saving for a special occasion," he said.

Asked how he will spend the money, Mr Spalding said he plans to be sensible and thrifty.

"We will probably pay off some bills, save some money and definitely give my son some very decent pocket money," said Mr Spalding.


Get ready to spot a gaggle of South-East Queensland locals on Channel 7's new TV show Holey Moley. Based on the popular US series, the program features golf pros and amateurs playing on a mini golf course.

Sounds boring? Well, this mini golf course is filled with obstacles and challenges that are certain to cause grief for the contestants and plenty of laughs for viewers. With mini golf holes named Parbeque, Uranus, Dragon's Breath, Dutch Courage, Hole Number Two and Frankenputt, we are certain that the competition will propel the normally reserved recreational activity into a new stratosphere.

Michelle Massey is just one Gold Coast local appearing on the show who is well-known in tourism circles. We cannot reveal too much, but we are certain that Michelle will be one of the more vocal contestants that will entertain viewers all over the country.


The premiere of Channel 7's Holey Moley airs on Monday at 7.30pm.




Originally published as Simple act that earned Coast man $10,000

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