Kaitlyn is the bad girl (apparently)
Kaitlyn is the bad girl (apparently) Tony Gough

So it's OK for men to bed hop, but a no-no for women?

HOW would you feel about your partner sharing a bed with someone else? Not great? Me either.

But does it make a difference if they're a man or a woman?

This is the situation faced by couples in Seven Year Switch. They've signed up for Channel 7's 'social experiment'/reality show as a last-ditch effort to save their relationship, which has hit the skids.

Paired with a similar personality-type for the duration of the relationship swap, one of the show's 'fun twists' is providing them with only one bed.

From the outset, it's bugged me that it was mainly the men who lost their minds at the thought of their partner sharing sheets with another bloke.

Mark made his girlfriend Kaitlyn promise she would sleep alone (the words 'deal-breaker' may have been sputtered.)

Felicity Ludlow reserved her anger for the other woman on Seven Year Switch.
Felicity Ludlow reserved her anger for the other woman on Seven Year Switch. Justin Lloyd

Two couples stipulated that a pillow wall (scientifically proven to be impenetrable) should be used at all times. Another couple didn't specify sleeping arrangements.

The situation comes to a head tonight when Mark finds out his girlfriend Kaitlyn has shared a bed, complete with a dividing range of pillows, with Felicity's partner Michael.

Presented with photos of their partners lounging about (yes, it's as creepy as it sounds), both are upset. Then Felicity starts talking.

"I guess it kind of shows what kind of girl she is," she tells the already devastated Mark.

"I bet you it was Kaitlyn's (idea), 100 per cent.

"I think that's a bit gross. I would never feel comfortable sleeping in a bed with another guy. I think guys are a bit more comfortable with stuff like that."

In case you missed her subtle inference, Felicity is suggesting that Kaitlyn is a bit slutty. Not her bloke, mind you, he's just an innocent bed-sitter.

Wow. Even taking into account her hurt and anger, the double standard is jaw-dropping.

Michael and Kaitlyn are both adults, theoretically capable of not having sex with each other. They're both responsible for their actions… trust is the real issue here.

And apparently (according to Felicity) "guys are a bit more comfortable with stuff like that". What does that even mean? They're clearly both very comfortable - lying in a bed full of pillows.

None of them can feign outrage at bed-sharing arrangements, because they willingly signed up for the show in the first place. And this is season two - they knew it was coming. It's part of the deal. How they handle that is up to them.

Still reeling, Mark calls Felicity out, saying, "There's two people in that photo, not one. I'm a little concerned that you're not as concerned as me. I really think that you should be."

Given time to mull it over, Felicity decides she is pretty cross with Michael too, which seems only fair. Later, when Felicity and Kaitlyn meet, it becomes clear that Felicity is absolutely furious with pretty much everyone, but I won't spoil your enjoyment of another noteworthy spleen vent.

Having watched this ridiculous program for a few weeks, it's pretty clear that most of the couples should split up. They don't trust each other. Felicity wishes Michael was less angry. Mark wishes Kaitlyn was less… Kaitlyn. They're not right for each other. The only downside would be inflicting them on other unsuspecting individuals.


Anna Brain is a News Corp TV reviewer.

Seven Year Switch airs Monday, May 15 on Channel 7 at 8.40pm.

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