Fionnula and Frankie: Sparks fly on the dance floor

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I can proudly report that Frankie and I both ticked off our challenge from last week. We attended the life drawing class.

We then had several drinks to celebrate Frankie's success in Hong Kong, and ended up playing Connect-Four back at my place with two guys we met while eating a foot-long at Subway.

I'll back-track. As you know, I'd been feeling pretty restless, and in need of a hobby, so I challenged Frankie to come along with me to the life drawing class at TAFE.

I almost chickened out, but Frankie lured me there by shouting me Ribs n Rumps before the class started. Consequently, we were half an hour late.

When we arrived the room was already so crowded that to get to our seats we had to step over the nude male model, who was sprawled on the floor in a pose. Super awkward. But how's this, the nude male was Jim from the gym. It was equal parts funny and mortifying.

Our eyes locked, but it was too late for either of us to back out, so I had to sit there with my glass of wine and sketch pad and stifle my giggles while I half-heartedly drew his outline in HB. I mean, let's be honest, I didn't need to look at the guy much to know what to draw, you know what I'm saying?

Frankie was much more mature than me, although she too couldn't believe it was Jim from the gym.

Anyway, of course we needed several stiff drinks after that, so we went directly to the Giddy Goat and consumed large amounts of whisky before hitting the sweaty dance floor of Flamingos and busting moves like we were back at those Bangkok bars on Sukhumvit Road. We had fun.

Leo and Ted also came to Flamingos. (They're the brothers who've been helping their mum move in next door to Frankie).

I think there's a spark between Leo and Frankie. They were laughing and carrying on like a couple of teenagers at their first co-ed dance.

Anyway, we all stayed until close at 3am, and then Frankie was starving, so we walked the couple of blocks to Subway. That's when the night took a very random turn.

It started when I ran into Emily, my new shellac girl from the salon. She told us that she and her friend had arranged to meet two guys from Tinder in five minutes, but that her friend had chickened out and gone home.

She wondered if Frankie and I would be keen to meet the two Tinder guys called Cookie Monster and Tinderlake?

Well, Frankie and I and Leo and Ted all collapsed into our foot-longs with the notion, until Frankie surprised me by saying, "Yes! Yes let's meet the Tinderlakes!'' Leo and Frankie exchanged a meaningful glance. Anyway, next thing, Leo and Ted left, and in their place were Rob and Dave, the fresh faced, neatly pressed, twenty-something year olds from Tinder.

Dave fancied himself as a Connect-Four master, and it was decided that everyone would go back to my place for the Connect-Four championships.

The next morning, we all declared that we'd had a great time, and all vowed to never see each other again.

Frankie's challenged me to join Perfect Fit, the new gym that's opened on the Southside. Apparently they're having a Fit n Festive membership offer until Christmas, which is in a fortnight.


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Let me start with Hong Kong. It was amazing. I decided to escape the designer shopping and flashy skyscrapers and instead embarked on a pleasant water ferry trip to the fishing village of Tai O on Lantau Island. As you know, last week a fortune teller predicted I'd meet my perfect match in Hong Kong.

In search of someone authentic, I thought I'd tempt fate by placing myself in an authentic location. Well, I had no shortage of offers. The problem is, they were from elderly fishermen who smelt of smoky prawns and baked oysters.

I know, I hear you say, what a delicious aroma. But the scent wasn't the issue, it was more the age gap.

When someone's 50 years your senior you have to draw a line in the sand. So I happily spent four days wandering around the laneways of Tai O, sampling oysters with cheese and salted fish from the street side grills.

While eating pineapple buns and sticky rice and watching the colourful tourist boats go by from a cafe balcony, I had a revelation.

The fortune teller had foreseen I'd meet the love of my life in Hong Kong, and I had. The love of my life was food, travel and writing. I absolutely adored those three things. I then knew exactly which road my life should take...I would become a food and travel blogger. Energised with excitement and enthusiasm, I shouted myself a seafood claypot, made my way back to Hong Kong Central, and flew back home to Queensland.

Injected with positivity, I touched down in Rockhampton and felt like a completely different person.

Perhaps that's why Friday evening took such an unexpected turn. I'm sure Fionnula has filled you in. Mum's challenged me to attend some fondue evening she's having at our house this coming Friday night.


Frankie is out of her rut. Thank God! Now, to find that fondue pot...

NEXT WEEK: Matchmaking Lynnie turns it on for the girls at her Friday Fondue night.

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