BEARS WITH HEART: Captain Charleville Moss with some RFDS crew members.
BEARS WITH HEART: Captain Charleville Moss with some RFDS crew members.

Tambo Teddies donates 50,000th bear to RFDS

CAPTAIN Charleville Moss will now proudly fly the skies with RFDS crews, after being donated as the 50,000th bear made at Tambo Teddies.

Tambo Teddies reached the significant milestone earlier this year and tenderly crafted Bear 50,000 with the plan for him to spread joy to a charity of their choice.

“We tossed around the idea for a while of who to give it to, and we have often had people purchasing bears in the past to raise funds for the RFDS so we thought it was fitting,” co-owner Alison Shaw said.

“RFDS very much support the outback so we wanted to support them back.

“They were delighted, really delighted to receive it.”

Ms Shaw said originally the bear, who proudly dons a pilot cap, was to be auctioned off at the sixth annual RFDS Wings for Life Gala in July, but with the gala event cancelled because of COVID-19, the RFDS team are now brainstorming how to best use Bear 50,000 to raise funds for the organisation.

In the mean time, a naming competition was arranged and pushed out through social media channels.

After an influx of entries, Captain Charleville Moss won by popular vote, named after Moss, a 7-year-old Charleville boy with a disability. Moss’ mother who nominated him said naming the bear after him seemed fitting as he had received service from the RFDS paediatric team and he was also super cuddly just like the bear.

Ms Shaw who has owned Tambo Teddies alongside Tammy Johnson for the past six years said while traffic through the door has slowed because of Covid-19, their established digital platforms is what has been keeping business thriving.

“When you spend the last 4 -5 years building your online presence eventually it starts paying off,” she said.

“We also launched a new product which created a lot of excitement – Tambo Lambo which is a cute little lamb made from wool fabric.”

Among the nine winners in last year’s Multicultural Queensland Awards, Tambo Teddies was been recognised for its partnership with Multicultural Development Australia in giving jobs to refugees from Syria and Eritrea.

After creating the regional sewing hub in Toowoomba when they struggled to find enough people in Tambo to sew the bears after a significant business growth, Mrs Shaw has said they’ve has been so busy, they’re already looking for another premises as this one is “bursting at the seams.”

“Our production has been increasing and we’ve been chomping through the numbers,” she said.

“Bring on bear 100,000. Hopefully it doesn’t take another 27 years to reach that milestone.”

Captain Charleville Moss.
Captain Charleville Moss.
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