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Teen father convicted after kicking officer in genitals

A teenage soon-to-be-father smirked throughout his entire sentence as the Roma courthouse heard of his despicable behaviour towards police after he was caught driving unlicensed then screamed obscenities at officers and attempted to kick one in the genitals.

The Roma Magistrates Court heard at 11.30pm on December 30, 2020 Roma Police officers conducted patrols on Charles Street when they intercepted 18-year-old Tristan James Yates.

“Police conducted checks confirming the defendant was not the holder of a Queensland driver’s licence and after questioning him, he said he had no reason to be driving,” police prosecutor sergeant Heather Whiting said.

“He proceeded to blow kisses at police and threatened officers saying, ‘you don’t have a badge all the time’.

“The defendant had the three opportunities to provide a specimen of breath, but police had to transport him to hospital.”

While at hospital, the court heard Yates was abusive towards officers and nurses.

Sergeant Whiting said the defendant was given multiple warnings about his behaviour, but he continued to call officers “little bitch boys” before attempting to knee one officer in the genitals.

“As he was waiting in the police vehicle, he hit the rear window and pushed another window while shouting obscene language to police,” sergeant Whiting said.

Yates’ solicitor Leslee Reed said her client does not drink very often but on this occasion consumed an “extreme” amount of home-brew.

“He states him and a friend drove out of town, then the friend wanted to stay out of town but he wanted to come home so he made the stupid decision to drive home and was intercepted by police and taken back to the police station,” Ms Reed said.

“He was unable to provide a specimen of breath so then went to the hospital but said he has a genuine fear of needles and had been drinking home-brew and was extremely intoxicated.

“He is appalled by his behaviour and said he sees the officers he will apologise.”

Magistrate Peter Saggers interjected and said it doesn’t stop him from writing to the police officer today.

Yates who is expecting a child in June this year stood up as Magistrate Saggers told him he must “man up” and stop that type of behaviour.

“Driving like that puts everyone at risk – yourself, and your child you may not then have a father or someone else’s family member,” he said.

“You’re fortunate that police treated you the way they did.”

Yates pleaded guilty to driving without a licence and obstructing police on Tuesday, March 2.

He was fined $1000 and disqualified from driving for nine months.

For obstructing police, he was ordered to perform 80 hours of community service.

The offences were recorded on his traffic history.

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