Jail for brother after brutal bashing in teen sexting case

A LOWOOD man who bashed his middle-aged neighbour with a baseball bat after learning his sister had been sexting his son has been jailed.

It was the 21st time in the past seven years Nathan Jack Abrahams had appeared in court charged with a serious violent offence.

The court heard Abrahams, 25, even once bashed an Autistic boy and stole his phone before throwing him on a railway track when a train was approaching.

Abrahams pleaded guilty on Tuesday in Ipswich District Court to assault occasioning bodily harm and break and enter in company while armed.

His latest brush with the law occurred on August 29, 2015 at Lowood.

Crown prosecutor James Marxson told the court Abrahams learnt his next door neighbour's son, 14, had been sexting his younger sister, 14, and decided to confront his father.

He said Abrahams had only been released from jail less than two weeks earlier, after serving a four-and-a-half year stretch for unrelated violent offences.

"Abrahams and his father went to the house to ask the boy's father what was going on," he said.

"Abrahams then for some unknown reason concluded in his own mind the boy's father, 54, was responsible for the sexting.

"He challenged the boy's father to a fight but was told to leave the property and the victim shut the door in their faces."

Mr Marxson said about 15 minutes later Abrahams and his father returned to their neighbour's house and smashed down the front door.

He said they both stormed the house armed with baseball bats.

"Abrahams swung the baseball bat striking the victim in the head," he said.

"Both Abrahams and his father then struck the victim numerous times while he lay on his dining room floor.

"The attack lasted between five and eight minutes and was witnessed by the victim's son."

Mr Marxson said the man sustained multiple rib fractures and a large laceration to his head which required 15 staples.

He said both the victim and his son no longer felt safe in their home and the father had become a recluse since the brutal attack.

Defence barrister Ross Summers said Abrahams had an unenviable criminal history and many of the prior offences occurred while he was drug affected.

But he said there was no shying away from the serious nature of this offences.

Judge Greg Koppenol sentenced Abrahams to five years behind bars and said this type of thuggery would not be accepted.

The law restricted Judge Koppenol from imposing a harsher sentence because it could be deemed as being "crushing" - given Abrahams is serving a four year sentence for unrelated offences committed prior to this one.

Judge Koppenol ordered Abrahams be eligible for parole on February 28, 2018 but extended his full-time discharge date until 2022.

The court heard Abrahams had only spent seven months free in the community since becoming an adult.

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