Teenage drink driver 3 times the limit smashes three cars

A teenager was hospitalised after he hooned around the backstreets of Injune, wrote off his car and smashed into two other cars while three times the legal limit.

The Roma Magistrates Court heard Jordan Robert Cook-Slater’s actions were “madness” when he drove around the dirt roads of Injune causing major damage to his car and two parked cars at 10pm on November 3.

Police prosecutor sergeant David Longhurst said officers spoke to the defendant who admitted to being the driver.

“He injured his head and was admitted to hospital,” sergeant Longhurst said.

“When police re-attended the scene the following morning, they saw burnout marks where the incident occurred.”

Cook-Slater returned a blood and alcohol reading of 0.29.

“That is one of the largest readings I’ve seen,” Sgt Longhurst admitted.

The prosecutor said the 18-year-old’s actions were incredibly dangerous and he’s lucky he didn’t injure or kill someone.

“There’s a lot of aggravating circumstances – alcohol reading, damaged cars, speed,” he said.

“I would submit that a 12 months disqualification would be appropriate.

“That takes into account he’s youth, first time offender … but I can only reinforce that no one was hurt and he was very, very lucky.”

Defence solicitor, Laurie Parker said he’s told his client several times that he was lucky he didn’t kill anyone.

“It is your Honour, very out of character for him and his mum and dad are here to support him,” Mr Parker said.

Cook-Slater’s mum told Magistrate Peter Saggers that her son’s car was written off and the insurance companies for the two other vehicles have contacted the family for payment.

“This could have been disastrous Mr Cook-Slater,” magistrate Saggers said.

“You wrote off your car and two other people’s insurer’s have contacted you.

“This was just madness … that’s a ridiculously high reading and as the prosecution said, if someone had been killed, you’d go to jail for a significant amount of time … even as a first time offender, this message has to get through – this could have ended in devastating consequences.”

The defendant pleaded guilty to driving under the influence and was given a $1500 fine and is disqualified from driving for 12 months.

The conviction was recorded on his traffic history.

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