Suicide Silence vocalist Eddie Hermida is pumped to be heading to Australia. Photo Contributed
Suicide Silence vocalist Eddie Hermida is pumped to be heading to Australia. Photo Contributed Contributed

The Hard Word talks to Suicide Silence

When the final note rung out on their triumphant Australian tour of 2014, Suicide Silence let it be known that they wanted to come back here and soon. Now Suicide Silence make their return to Australia in September.

Suicide Silence floored festival fans here in 2014 with punters picking their collective jaws up off the floor at the sheer intensity of their set as the quintet laid waste to the crowd.

The album 'You Can't Stop Me' served as a simultaneous introduction to vocalist Hernan "Eddie" Hermida, as well as a celebration of the brotherhood the band shared with Hermida's fallen predecessor.

Mark Heylmun and Chris Garza (guitars), Dan Kenny (bass) and Alex Lopez (drums) sounded more driven than ever, force-feeding their mash-up of death metal, black metal, grind and time-signature bending dissonance into structured, focused and often groove-oriented missives of anger and perseverance.


Can you bear it? Heavy hitters Suicide Silence are heading Down Under. Photo Contributed
Can you bear it? Heavy hitters Suicide Silence are heading Down Under. Photo Contributed Contributed

Fans are yet to see a full tour for this album but we spoke to Eddie about the exciting news that fans will finally get to see the 'You Can't Stop Me'  tour.

Marc Stapelberg: Morning, thanks for taking our call. Suicide Silence were supposed to come out for the Parkway Drive IRE tour but that unfortunately couldn't happen. What transpired to finally allow you guys to get out here?

Eddie Hermida: We are doing the same run we were supposed to do back in October of last year. But we got asked last minute to direct support for Korn in the states and it was one of those offers you couldn't really refuse. Korn being one of the most influential bands for Suicide Silence. Everyone in the band has been moved and has been called to music by Korn. As soon as we got that offer we had to ask our fans in Australia to be a little more patient and this is what we are doing now. We've been working really hard on writing some music and it is good to take a break from that and pay our visits and respects to our lovely fan base in Australia and South East Asia. But I am really, really stoked to be going to Australia. Especially West Australia.

MS: You have been playing the songs from the new album for two years or so. How are the songs feeling now that they have been through a touring schedule?

EH: They feel incredible. That's the beauty of the way we write music. It kind of gets put together in the studio and you don't really know what it feels like live until you hit that first show. You can make them sound perfect in the practice studio but it is not until you get on that stage and the monitors are tuned just to you and you got the energy of the crowd that the songs take a different form. Its like kung fu master creating this animal of energy and the crowd really helps be that secret ingredient that makes these songs come alive. So we as a band know the more in tune we can become with the crowd, the better. This last tour with Korn really brought out a different animal in the band and I can't wait to release it on some Australian 'animals' too because they are f**king crazy out there. I can't wait to flip them out.


Suicide Silence announce Australian tour. Photo Contributed
Suicide Silence announce Australian tour. Photo Contributed Contributed

MS: Any songs that you've grown closer too?

EH: "Inherit the Crown' is always a big fan favourite, 'You Can't Stop Me'  goes over incredible, the kids freak out at the very end, a couple of the older songs are really fun for me to play too. 'Unanswered' goes over so sick and I think whenever we go on to play 'Scared Words' it goes off.

MS: The fact that you are writing new music will have pricked everyone's ears up. Any idea if we will hear some of that music on the tour?

EH: Unfortunately, because of the timing we don't really have anything ready for the fan base. We don't have any new music that we are going to be playing. This tour is coming pretty much right as we are finishing up the final touches and things are getting squared away to send off to the label. We haven't had time to practice anything new unfortunately. But what it means is we are going to be coming back really soon to play you guys some new music.

MS: You're actually quiet far in the recording process. How has it been?

EH: It has been fun as hell. It has not a hundred per cent done but we are getting there. We have been working now for a couple of months and really putting our heads down and not focusing on much of anything else. As far as the intensity of the work that went into it, it is there, and we love the work that we've done so far. This tour comes at a time where we have a little bit of free time after all this writing. We owe Australia a tour from months back so this is what we are doing now.

MS: Did anything interesting happen on the latest tour?

EH: You know Korn are partiers, they like to have fun. This tour was more like school was in. It was like Korn bringing us under their wing and showing us a lot of the ropes. How they treat their fans, how they stay together as a band. They have gotten back together after a long hiatus of splitting up as far as certain members leaving and then all of them coming back. The fact that they are doing a 20 year play through of Korn meant it was really big. For us it was a big way to stay humble and to see these guys who are our 'parents in metal and music' and you see them go out there and they are still destroying like they are 15 year old kids playing music for the first time. It is super humbling. It is like going to school every day and seeing your teachers, your masters just going out there and having the time of their life. I just felt really inspired to just go harder on myself. A lot of those guys are sober and they are being examples to the new generation. It's nice to say I'm part of the new generation.

MS: Is there something about Australia that you really like? Are you a surfer? Do you like Koalas?

EH: You know I love the fact that when you go out there people are hungry for the music and you can have the worst day or the best day and it really doesn't matter. What matters is when you hit the stage and all these people who are from a different country it is like a switch that happens. It is so beautiful to see that the intensity that we have gets matched. I feel it in Europe when I go, but I feel like Australia has it the most. Because you're an Australian island, you're far as f**k away from everything so it is really hard to get people to you.  Of course you're going to be hungry for the metal you've waited two years to see. And when it gets there you go at it like a rabid f**king animal. I love going to Australia in general because it is a departure. You have beautiful landscape, great food, beautiful people, and an amazing personality. You have a lot of cooks and you have a lot of beautiful people who are there to have a good time with you and there to show the beautiful parts of Australia. But like I said all that stuff doesn't matter as soon as you hit that stage and all these people are there to rock some music and they feel entranced by the music as you do and to me that's the most important thing.

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