Dad "attacked" with timber after birthday party near bridge

THE last thing Darren Webber allegedly saw before hitting the ground was a large piece of timber being swung at his head.

After that the Rockhampton father woke up in hospital with a fractured jaw.

Mr Webber, 32, sat in the witness stand of the Rockhampton District Court yesterday where he faced his alleged attacker Jayden Desmond Catlin, who is on trial for grievous bodily harm.

It was just after midnight when Mr Webber and his friend Grason Thinee went for a walk after Mr Webber's wife's 30th birthday party came to an end at their Wandal home on September 30, 2012.

Mr Webber told the court he and Mr Thinee walked to the skate park along the riverbank.

"Everyone including my kids were asleep and I didn't want to wake them up so Grason and I went for a walk with some drinks," Mr Webber said.

"We walked to the skate park and were sitting on the half-pipe just talking when a group of six people approached us. Grason knew some of them and was talking to them, then one of the boys (Catlin) asked if he could sip my beer, grabbed it out of my hand and skolled it.

"I was shocked but just put the beer back down and the group then walked away towards the playground. Grason jokingly yelled out to them, 'you owe my mate a beer', but they kept walking."

The court heard Mr Webber and Mr Thinee then walked up Lion Creek Rd past the CQ Leagues Club and turned into Hall St. Mr Webber told the court he thought the group had gone and that he and Mr Thinee started walking past the Victoria Park gymnastics centre.

"We walked towards the river and were standing outside the gymnastics centre when we realised the group was still there," Mr Webber said.

"Grason and I hid in one of the big fig trees outside of the gym but some people from the group spotted us and were yelling out 'here they are'.

"I told Grason to stay hidden and I walked out with my arms up saying I didn't want any trouble.

"I heard sounds behind me and turned my head to the left to see Catlin holding a piece of wood larger than a fence post in a baseball swing. The next thing I recall is waking up in hospital."

Defence barrister Tom Polley asked Mr Webber if he was certain it was Catlin that struck him in the early hours of that morning, to which Mr Webber replied, "Once you go through one of these things it's not a face you forget."

The trial continues today.

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