Toowoomba man forces his way into locked bedroom

A TOOWOOMBA man who smashed his way through a locked bedroom door remains on good terms with the property owner despite the damage.

Wielding a steel bar, Glen Daniel Houston stormed a Kirk St property on February 2 and made demands to be let inside.

After forcing his way through the front door, the Toowoomba Magistrates Court heard Houston made his way to a bedroom where he started shoulder barging the door in an effort to get inside.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Julie Wheaton said Houston hit the door with such force it split the timber frame. He then left the house.

Police located a "grossly intoxicated" Houston at a nearby property with a laceration on his right arm. He refused to cooperate with officers.

Houston's legal counsel told the court the 38-year-old had been diagnosed with an acquired brain injury as a result of a motocross accident when he was a teenager.

He was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder as a result and had been undergoing counselling to cope with the injury.

While the facts were not disputed, his solicitor said Houston had no problem with the property owner who was also his landlord.

Because of an already sizeable debt owed to the State Penalties Enforcement Registry, Houston's solicitor asked for an extended period of probation in order for him to continue receiving counselling.

Houston pleaded guilty to one count each of wilful damage and assault or obstruct police officer.

Magistrate Graham Lee sentenced him to 15 months probation.

The conviction was recorded.

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