Darling Downs schoolgirl's post on drought goes viral

A DARLING Downs schoolgirl has used a heart-breaking story of a drought-affected farmer pushed to the point of suicide to argue why the government needs to support rural people.

Luci Bain's post about an Australian farmer went viral and has been shared more than 25,000 times.

She started by writing about a farmer with no phone service and only 200 cattle left from a herd of 3000.

"Think about this for a moment. You have no money, you live in the middle of the sticks," she said.

Ms Bain then explains how the pressures of debt can lead to suicide.

"You walk into the house and get your gun and 205 bullets.

"You go out and shoot every single cow in the yard.

"You then proceed to shoot your 4 working cattle dogs. You look around at the house, the farm, your kids in the window.

"Then, you draw your last breath before turning the gun on yourself and firing the last bullet. That's it."

She raised the issue after a visit to her Toowoomba school from a lady raising funds for people in Cambodia.

Toowoomba schoolgirl Luci Bain. Photo Facebook
Toowoomba schoolgirl Luci Bain. Photo Facebook

While quick to point out she had nothing against helping the country, Ms Bain said Australia needed to fix its backyard first. 

"They lady's trip to my school made me realise just how many people have absolutely no clue as to the hardships faced by Australian farmers," she said.

"I want to live in a country where we support our own people as well.

"Because I have attended my school in Toowoomba for a year and a half and since the start of this year I have been to meetings to suggest that we help Australian farmers through our fundraising we do every term.

"It is actually disgusting to think I attend a school that has no care in the world for our farmers and even worse to think there is a city full of these people."

Ms Bain said life on the farm was a choice.

"But we Australian farmers are the reason Australia is still ours. 

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"I didn't write this to say that you shouldn't help Cambodia but if your reasons for helping Cambodia is a need that is in Australia as well just use your brain and think for a moment about where you live and what it's like to see people throw money at another country while you sit there with a gun in your hand waiting to see if anyone cares. 

"Australia... the more you put in now the less fighting we have to do in the future."

Australia spends 0.23% of its gross national income on foreign aid.

Read the full post here.

If you are experiencing mental health issues contact Lifeline here.

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