The container refund scheme would give residents ten cents back for every item they return.
The container refund scheme would give residents ten cents back for every item they return. Rachel Lang

Towns pushing ahead on 10c refund scheme

THE countdown to Queensland's container refund scheme has begun, with less than a month until things are up and running in hundreds of towns across the state.

In preparation for the big day, the state government released a list of every town participating, but there was a notable omission: no towns from the south west region were listed.

Alas, the region is not missing out altogether, it may just be late to the party; groups in St George and Roma both have plans in place to bring container refunds to their communities.

Digby Whyte, Balonne Shire Council's Director of Community & Environmental Sustainability, said the St George Lions Club had an interest in the scheme.

"The Lions Club was at the community forum for the refund scheme last Wednesday.

"They are part-way through an application to be providers of a container refund point, and that was raised at the meeting,” he said.

"They're a very active group and council is very supportive of a community group that is prepared to do that.”

In Roma, Maranoa Regional Council has stepped in, said Councillor Geoff McMullen.

"When council first went to apply, they were told the position for a collection service in town has been filled.

"We stood back for a while, until council was notified of a change: the original company had backed out and there was a change of plans,” he said.

"Council has now completed an application and it has gone in, so now we wait for a response.”

Cr McMullen said things are moving along, even if Roma may not get their refund station on November 1.

"We're powering ahead and have even got some proposals, but we haven't put out anything concrete yet.”

Further west in Murweh Shire, a container refund scheme was considered, but there are roadblocks, said Director of Environmental Services, Richard Ranson.

"It is a tremendous idea and we'd love to support it here.

"However, I'm just not sure how it could be successful in our vast area that has quite a small population,” he said.

The container refund scheme offers a ten cent refund for each recyclable container deposited at a collection point.

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