Treasurer pledges to help Adani mine get mining licence

QUEENSLAND Treasurer Curtis Pitt has pledged to help the Adani Carmichael coal mine get a mining licence, but said there were still "gates to be gotten through".

Mr Pitt's comments came after a group of six federal Queensland backbenchers on Wednesday called on the state to fast-track the licence approval, after the state gave the project an environmental approval on Tuesday.

That approval included 140 environmental conditions across the gamut of potential effects of the massive Galilee Basin proposal.

But the mine still faces several hurdles, including two court challenges, the mining licence approval and a final investment decision by mine proponent Adani.

Conservative politicians including George Christensen, Michelle Landry and Senator Matt Canavan called on the state Labor Government to approve the mining licence.

All those calling for the approval welcomed the state government's environment approval, but urged the mining licence be approved to help create jobs in central Queensland.

The federal politicians said the "jobs crisis" facing central Queensland was now dire and the mine licence approval would not solve it, but was essential to the region's recovery in the wake of thousands of job losses.

Mr Christensen welcomed the environmental approval, but said it was time for the state government to "follow through" with the mining licence.

While Mr Pitt said the state government would "help where we can", ultimately there were "still some more gates to be gotten through" including court cases.

"But we will do what we can to facilitate what we see is a terrific investment in this state," he said.

"Like everyone, I'm hoping to see the potential job creation that the Adani Carmichael mine will bring."

A spokesman for Adani said that while the environmental approval was "a welcome development", it was "critical the state government works actively with us and ensures no further delays" to other approvals including the mining lease.

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