UPDATE: Security camera vision has emerged of the moment two Lockyer Valley drivers were doused in three tonnes of human excrement.

Vision, obtained from the Big Orange on Crowley Vale Rd, shows a semi-trailer brake heavily to avoid collision with a ute which had pulled out in front of the truck.

Upon coming to a halt, the truck's load of biosolids spills out over the cabin, the ute and road below.

No one was injured in the accident, but Arkwood Organic Recycling workers were left to clean up the mess for hours after. 

Arkwood director and environmental manager Elissa Clarke said the load of biosolids was destined to be used on a local farm as fertiliser.

"It's a very hard load to transport, they do pride themselves on how they secure and transport the loads," she said.

"We do over 300,000 tonnes a year of recycled biosolids, which is sewage sludge, that's used as fertiliser on farms."

EARLIER: TWO Lockyer Valley drivers have had a crappy day after a near collision left both their vehicles doused in three tonnes of sewerage sludge.

The incident occurred earlier this morning outside The Big Orange fruit barn on Crowley Vale Road, when a truck driver transporting 27 tonnes of biosolid was forced to urgently brake to avoid crashing into a car.

Arkwood Organic Recycling Owner and Operations Manager Brendon Clarke said the load was secured but the nature of the abrupt stop caused the trailer's cover to tear.

"(It's) just a mess...cars that pull out in front of trucks just give us the sh#ts like you wouldn't believe," Mr Clarke said.

"It's secured but the problem is it's still sloppy and there's nothing you can do about that.

A truck has lost its load in Crowley Vale.
A truck has lost its load in Crowley Vale. Contributed

"It's always low speed things that do it, because it's a lot of stopping force at low speed, it's up and over." 

Although admitting partial fault, driver Tom Mulcahy questioned whether the load was properly secured.

"When I saw him last minute I stopped, he broke and of course the poo just went (everywhere)," Mr Mulcahy said.

"You can't put fluid into something that's not sealed properly, don't put it in a 40-footer aluminium container and put a tarp over it."

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