OPINION: Truck drivers often witness to risky driving

ERRATIC driving and associated high-risk driving behaviours account for a significant number of near-misses and fatal incidents along Queensland highways.

Commercial heavy vehicle drivers in particular witness and are sometimes crash victims as consequence to the unsafe overtaking, speeding and poor judgement of unruly drivers.

The Road Accident Action Group in collaboration with local Queensland trucking companies determined the need to research deterrents which could halt motorists from performing high-risk driving manoeuvres.

Together with other aligned road safety organisations and authorities, RAAG had set in motion an ever-increasing display of recording camera decals on the back of heavy vehicles as a safety message as much as a warning to inconsiderate or impatient drivers considering unsafe driving actions on Queensland roads.

The primary goals of the project are to:

  • Understand and proactively mitigate the safety issues caused by risk-taking motorist behaviour encountered    by professional heavy vehicle drivers on a daily basis
  • Research and implement a simple safety communication system for heavy vehicle drivers that is feasible, practical, and effective in deterring motorists from unsafe driving behaviours
  • Promotion of the benefits of the on-board cameras and accompanying camera decals system and the long term benefits they can have for the heavy vehicle industry and drivers' safety day to day
  • Continuous feedback from the transport industry officials of their employee first-hand accounts indicate that in a short space of time, the camera decals have stopped many potential near misses and fatalities on Queensland roads

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