Truck rollover near Aussie World on the Bruce Highway.
Truck rollover near Aussie World on the Bruce Highway. Clayton's Towing

Both lanes of Bruce Highway back open after truck rollover

POLICE have reopened both southbound lanes of the Bruce Highway after a truck rollover earlier this morning.

As of 12.30pm, drivers were reporting the earlier truck rollover was no longer any delays in either direction.



POLICE expect one southbound lane of the Bruce Highway to remain closed for at least another half an hour.

Crews were currently working to move the truck that had rolled over off the road.

Traffic was said to still be at a crawl.


READERS are furious that another crash on the Bruce Highway has crippled the critical spine that links the Sunshine Coast to Brisbane and much of south-east Queensland.

After northbound lanes on the highway ground to a halt after a three-car crash yesterday, this morning's truck rollover has again raised the need for the Bruce Highway to be extended to six lanes.

Department of Transport and Main Roads is still reporting that one of the southbound lanes of the Bruce Highway near Aussie World is closed.



Darren Trinder Traffic back to Woolworths at Sippy Downs! Seriously... A perfectly good piece of road but filled with so many idiots who speed and tailgate like there's no tomorrow!

Roslyn Tilley And so it continues....when will the Govt bite the bullet and get off their collective backsides and widen this highway!!!! Nowhere to get off the road if an accident threatens!!! Gold Coast highway as wide as wide....poor "relations" living/travelling North of Brisbane...forget them!!

Bettina Gainer This is a joke!! My partner is meant to be on a plane for work at 9:00am. He left with plenty of time. I also travel this way to Caloundra for work - so over this highway and lack of alternate routes. Everyday there is some traffic drama on this road both northbound and southbound. Had enough

Pat Morris Hope the driver is okay the pressure on truckies to be where they have to get to is horrendous. Just remember that when you are all celebrating a truckie brought your goods for you don't ever forget that

Jennifer Veal McConnell What is the real problem with the Bruce Highway? Nearly everyday there are accidents causing massive delays to commuters.
Is it bad roads?
Or drivers been impatient?
Or is it drivers using Mobile phones?

Derek Sharples the truck is not on the road,it s the nosy rubberneckers that cause the delays.

TRAFFIC: A truck rollover near Aussie World has shut down a southbound lane of the Bruce Highway. Please be careful in the area.

Posted by Sunshine Coast Daily on Sunday, 13 December 2015


7AM UPDATE: ONE southbound lane of the Bruce Highway near Aussie World remains closed, with police unsure of how long it will take to clear the scene.

Traffic heading north in the area is still flowing, although there is some congestion around where the truck rolled over earlier this morning.

Before that lane can be reopened, crews will have the "right" the truck, then remove it, a police spokesman said.

As peak hour intensifies on the road, this will need to be done carefully, and delays are likely to remain.

Police could not say how long until the lane would be clear.


5.42AM: COMMUTERS heading to Brisbane from the Sunshine Coast this morning might need to leave a little early after a truck rollover closed one southbound lane of the Bruce Highway near Aussie World.

The circumstances of the rollover are so far unclear, but Clayton's Towing reports there were no injuries in the Tanawha crash.

Do you think the Bruce Highway needs an extra lane?

This poll ended on 22 December 2015.

Current Results

Yes, to keep traffic flowing when crashes occur.


No, I don't think adding an extra lane would change anything.


I don't use the Bruce Highway often enough for it to affect me.


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Traffic is still flowing around the scene, but there will be delays.

Main Roads' 131940 site asks motorists to be patient.

It's the second time traffic has been slowed to a crawl near the iconic theme park.

On Sunday, a three-car crash blocked both northbound lanes of the highway and the Frizzo Rd entrance road.

Caution, Bruce Highway Palmview, near Aussie World. Semi Trailer Roll Over. No injuries, traffic flowing slowly but banking back. One lane shut South Bound.

Posted by Clayton's Towing on Sunday, 13 December 2015

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