Court hears alleged victim was mentally a child

A CLINICAL psychologist has given evidence about the mental age of an alleged victim during the trial of a man accused of having sex with the intellectually impaired 16-year-old.

Dr Alan Keen told the court he carried out an extensive assessment of the victim in 2014, two years after the offences allegedly took place.

He said he assessed the victim when she was 18 and the results showed she had an IQ of 67 and her reading, writing and maths skills were the same as a Year 2's.

"Her mental age at the time was eight years and three months," he said.

Dr Keen said in 2012 the victims mental age would definitely have been less, he estimated it had been seven years and three months.

He also said the victim was susceptible to suggestions and needed help making decisions.

The defendant, who can not be named to protect the identity of the victim, is accused of having sex with the teenager after starting a relationship with the victim's mother.

On day two of the trial the victim's mother took the stand, telling the court she and her daughter moved in with the defendant and his mother.

She said after falling out with the defendant's mother she moved out into a caravan on the same property, but let her daughter stay in the house.

The victim's mother said the defendant had told her it would be better for the teenager to stay in the house.

"He was going to report me to the department of child safely," she said.

The woman said she considered the defendant to be a father figure to her daughter.

During cross examination defence barrister Kim Bryson asked the victim's mother about a conversation she had with her daughter about the defendant.

"She told you she had been inappropriately touched without her consent. Are they the words she used?" Ms Bryson asked.

"Yes," the mother replied.

"Are you sure?" Ms Bryson asked again.

"Yes," the mother replied.

The trial is expected to continue today.

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