Violent rapist to be released on strict supervision order

A VIOLENT rapist who repeatedly attacked a young mother while her 10-month-old baby was in the room will be released after serving more than a decade behind bars.

Travis Scott Jordan Henry, now aged 33, remains a high risk of future violent offending but two psychiatrists and a justice have decided that can be mitigated with an intensive supervision order.

It has been 15 years since Henry, then aged 18, committed the home invasion and rape armed with a knife while drunk.

After waking the woman up, the Cherbourg man used the baby's cot to seal the room before raping the woman several times amid threats to harm her.

At one stage, she was protecting her son with her body while he raped her.

Henry was sentenced to 11 years in jail but a court decided in 2014 that Henry remained a serious danger to the community and ordered he be detained in custody indefinitely under the Dangerous Prisoners (Sexual Offenders) Act.

He was serving his sentence at Maryborough, where his family would visit him.

Henry did not want to relocate to Townsville to complete a sexual offender program for indigenous males, which might have led to his release on a supervision order, because it would take him away from his family.

In May this year, that detention order was continued after the justice heard Henry had moved to Townsville to complete the program but had not yet completed it.

In a judgment handed down on Wednesday, Justice James Douglas said Henry was "not likely to be well equipped yet to make the full transition into normal society".

But he said he had been persuaded a supervision order was appropriate, noting the availability of appropriate psychological treatment.

Justice Douglas said psychiatrist Michael Beech believed Henry was developing an understanding of the notion of consent, realising "no means no" and that "fear of being attacked can influence whether consent has actually occurred in the context of sexual assault".

He said Henry would need help in solving problems as he transitioned to the community - from developing strategies for coping with boredom, sadness and anger to dealing with his propensity to engage in impulsive behaviour.

Henry must abide by a strict supervision order on release. - ARM NEWSDESK

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