Some of the firearms seized from a Rockhampton property.
Some of the firearms seized from a Rockhampton property. Allan Reinikka

WATCH: Police outline how they found 50+ firearms

UPDATE: ACTING on a tip off from the public, Rockhampton police netted a cache of 56 firearms in a raid yesterday.

Rockhampton CIB's Detective Sergeant Scott Ingram said local detectives and detectives from State Crime Command attended an address at Lakes Creek in relation to possible firearms offences.

"During the execution of a warrant, a search was conducted and police seized 56 weapons which included rifles and handguns as well as a small quantity of cannabis," Detective Sergeant Ingram said.

"Our initial checks would indicate seven of these weapons appear to be legitimately owned by the occupant of the premises.

"We are conducting inquiries with a 56-year-old Caucasian male from that address and it is likely that in the course of the next week this person will be charged with a number of offences.”

Det Sgt Ingram said the raid was part of a multi-jurisdictional police operation between State Crime Command and the regions.

"There's an obvious bonus in getting illegal firearms off the street, there is a ready market for that,” Det Sgt Ingram said.

"From time to time we have significant seizures regarding weapons.

"It would appear from an initial glance that they are stock standard weapons, some of them have after-market type modifications, telescopic sights, that sort of thing fitted, there doesn't appear to be any that are shortened or otherwise.

"(As far as gun seizures go) this is probably more on the upper end, normally on average you might find a handful of weapons but once you start getting to this number, that's a significant find.

"There are classifications for weapons and once we do the seizure, we classify each weapon and check to see if it is functioning and once we've finished classifying, the charges are laid.

"Once you start talking about multiple (firearms) possessions, then the penalty starts to climb rapidly.”

The police are yet to determine the market value for the weapons haul or why they were being stockpiled and are continuing with their inquiries.

"What we're trying to get is as much information as we can get from the community, including the shooting community, about unlawful weapons in circulation,” Det Sgt Ingram said.

"If you have information relating to illegal firearm possession, then please provide that to us, every firearm we get off the street makes our community that much more safer.”

BREAKING: ROCKHAMPTON Police have seized a massive haul of illegal firearms from a north Rockhampton property.

Detectives from the Criminal Investigation Branch addressed media just after 1pm, revealing they uncovered the gun haul at a Lakes Creek property yesterday.

Full report to come.

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