Friends are for life.
Friends are for life.

COLUMN: We all have different roles to play in life

RECENTLY at a meeting for my work we had a lovely, inspirational, down-to-earth man come to speak to us about his battle with depression and not letting it get the better of him.

This man also spoke of roles that we each play in our lives. This man spoke of being a dad, a husband, his role at his work and he rated each of these by their importance in his eyes.

I found this really interesting and fascinating that we all have so many different roles in this life.

We have family, friends, work colleagues, acquaintances, whatever you want to call them, that we interact with every day. People that we present ourselves to.

And then there are people who play roles in our lives.

Often people can be either a blessing or a lesson.

I like to remember this often as I journey through, knowing that each person I have dealings with has come into my life for a reason.

And essentially, over time or sometimes without much time at all, we will understand which of the two this person may be to us.

Often I'll speak with friends of mine and they will tell me of how they are a certain way at work and a certain way with their parents and a certain way with their friends.

And it's too true. I mean, I'm guilty of that.

And let's be realistic; the conversations I have with my best friend aren't going to be the same I have with well, to be honest I'm pretty open, but there are some things you pretty much reserve for someone who's locked into being your best friend, right?

I guess these roles in our life, though, are all important and make up who we are to a certain extent.

And how beautiful that we are able to choose these roles and also the level of significance and value we place on them.

But you know what my favourite role is? Being me.

Not being a support worker, or a writer, or a singer, or a friend, or a daughter.

Being a child of the universe, that's my favourite. I hope we all embrace the many roles we each play in our lives.

I hope we all strive for beauty and authenticity.

Bringing light and love into this world that is truly a beautiful place to be a part of.

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