WICKED: Noosa MP Glen Elmes spotted this van
WICKED: Noosa MP Glen Elmes spotted this van Contributed

Wicked vans with dodgy slogans need to be dobbed in: MP

NOOSA MP Glen Elmes is dirty on continued smutty messages driving our streets thanks to Wicked vans and wants people power to help put these "misogynist" vehicles off the road.

Mr Elmes has taken a citizen's action against a rental van he spotted in Noosa Junction and has reported it to authorities and is calling on others to follow his lead.

The van that upset the MP was painted with the question "Want to get laid?", followed by an answer that suggested crawling into a fowl's orifice and waiting.

Mr Elmes said the use of misogynistic, sexist or offensive slogans and imagery on vehicles was now illegal in Queensland

"I found it offensive, as I am sure many other people did who were shopping there that day, not expecting to see such filth in such large and loud proportions," Mr Elmes said.

"Without the help from the community to report the advertising, a number of holiday van hire companies will ignore the law."

Until the change in the laws, which passed in February, advertising on vehicles was self-regulated by the industry.

"Which is how it came to be that slogans such as 'it's easier to apologise than ask for permission and 'I can already imagine the gaffer tape on your mouth' popped up around town on holiday vans vilifying women and encouraging an insidious culture of rape that exists in our society," Mr Elmes said.

Offending vans could now be de-registered but Mr Elmes said it was up to the community as well as police to call them out.

Mr Elmes said he sent the photo of the van through to the the Advertising Standards Bureau, which would then determine if it breached the the code.

If it did,the matter would be referred to the Director General of Transport and Main Roads, who would then give the owner 14 days to clean it up before the vehicle was de-registered.

"Budget conscious tourists such as back packers are key targets for companies such as Wicked Campers and given the Noosa and Sunshine Coast region is a popular tourist destination, it is really important we as a local community get on board and report, report, report, to protect our families from these offensive and damaging messages," Mr Elmes said.

"To complain go to adstandards.com.au. or phone the Advertising Standards Bureau on 02 6173 1500."

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