Woman faced potential decade in jail for counterfeit money in Roma

A woman faced a decade-long jail sentence after paying for fuel and food with a $100 counterfeit note at a Roma fuel station.

With no previous criminal history, Kylee Elizabeth Gorringe sat sobbing as Magistrate Peter Saggers read aloud her charge of possessing counterfeit money in the Roma Magistrates Court on March 2.

The court heard on November 21, 2020 at the Liberty Service Station, Gorringe used a fake $100 note to pay for food, received cash then used the cash to pay for fuel.

It was not until the manager of the fuel station checked the til that night and noticed the note didn’t feel right.

“Upon observation it had white writing on it and it was the only $100 note that had been used that night and looking at the defendant’s car registration in footage, she was located through that,” police prosecutor sergeant Heather Whiting said.

Police attended the defendant’s home in January this year and asked Gorringe whether she was at the fuel station that night.

Sergeant Whiting said the defendant told police she was at the fuel station but couldn’t remember if she paid with cash and didn’t know it was counterfeit as she had gotten it through an ANZ Bank teller.

“Police checked with ANZ who said their teller’s do not distribute counterfeit money,” sergeant Whiting said.

“Police reinterviewed the defendant and she said she may have gotten it from the Woolworths assisted check out.

“Police spoke with Woolworths and they said their check-outs do not given out counterfeit money.

“Police spoke to the defendant and she attended an interview but declined to be formally interviewed.”

The defendant’s solicitor Laurie Parker said his client committed a Commonwealth Offence and for that type of offending, could face a maximum of 10 years in jail.

“At the time she had split up with her partner, and wasn’t paying attention and didn’t know how the money came into her possession,” Mr Parker said.

As Mr Parker spoke, the 32-year-old woman sobbed.

Magistrate Peter Saggers took into account her lack of history, age and circumstances and ordered she be of good behaviour for 12 months and pay $100 in restitution to the fuel station.

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