Woman slams reckless driver who 'almost killed family'

A WOMAN has slammed the reckless actions of a driver who "nearly killed" her and her family as they drove on the Cunningham Hwy last night.

Lyn Prowse-Bishop said the incident occurred about 10km west of Warwick.

She and her child were travelling in a vehicle driven by her husband when the "hair's breadth miss" occurred.

It was caused when a motorist attempted to overtake two b-doubles "in the pitch black, on a hill, with oncoming traffic (travelling at more than) 100kmh.

"This doesn't make you a hero," she said.

"It makes you a d******d."


Mrs Prowse-Bishop believes the only reason tragedy did not strike was because of her husband's evasive driving skills.

"If not for the 30 years' driving experience my husband has it could have ended disastrously," she said.

"I thank the gods my daughter wasn't driving.

"(My husband was able to) anticipate what was going to happen before it did and take evasive action that saved not only his life and the life of my daughter, but most likely yours as well."

Mrs Prowse-Bishop urged the driver responsible to learn patience when behind the wheel.

"It's better to get there alive than not at all; and that not panicking, slowing down and braking, and pulling left doesn't make you a loser but may be the things that save you … and them."

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