Wrong people enjoying far too much tolerance

FAIR dinkum, who would drive a taxi?

I caught one the other night and from the moment I jumped in until I got home, old mate complained about everything possible to do with taxi driving, Uber and the world in general.

By the time I got home I was thinking I should be suitably depressed, but in fact he had cheered me up - compared to this bloke I was going all right.

Like anything though, it just depends who you get and what mood they are in,

It appeared to me this bloke had clearly been affected by the Uber threat to his livelihood and I really think that it is something the State Government needs to sort out so it's apples versus apples on a fair playground.

During my little trip, I did manage to ask him what he thought about fare evasion and a recent incident where a young woman was seriously hurt after falling out of an open door in a maxi taxi.

The driver of that cab was in all sorts of trouble, but as far as I could see from what I read in the story, he had someone vomit along the way and a couple of the passengers doing a runner at the lights - which all seemed to contribute to the accident, but strangely he seemed to be the only one in trouble.

Old mate said the driver should have made sure the door was shut, but also agreed the guy had been under undue pressure because of the idiots' behaviour.

So I come back to my question at the start of this column - who the bloody hell would do the job, particularly the night shift and being at the mercy of every idiot in town?

The answer, I guess, is people who want to work and want to contribute to the economy.

So shouldn't those people be treated with respect and protected from those who can't behave themselves?

Bus drivers on public transport are also victims of idiots - again there is little or no respect.

The thing is though, some of these violent souls always have an excuse - alcohol, drugs, personal problems.

All or some of those problems made them do it, but I think we are all missing the point.

Ask any Indian, Nepalese or Pakistani taxi driver what he thinks of an intoxicated Australian customer and they will just usually just give you a smile and a shake of the head.

I have seen it, some bogan gets in the cab and starts calling them driver or cabbie instead of asking their name, and by the end of the trip is hurling abuse, all because some poor soul is trying to earn a living.

It is about time the judges in this country start punishing people for their actions, not slapping their wrists with a good behaviour bond.

There have to be consequences, particularly for assault - anyone who lifts a hand to an innocent party should be dealt with.

As the song goes, "We're all doing fine in the lucky country".

Well in my opinion we are being far too tolerant to the wrong people and too little to the right people

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