A YOGA RELATIONSHIP: Bodhi Whitaker and Kat Tucker will hold a special couple’s yoga evening.
A YOGA RELATIONSHIP: Bodhi Whitaker and Kat Tucker will hold a special couple’s yoga evening. CONTRIBUTED

Yoga night is new twist on blind date

WHAT started as a joke has grown into a public appeal by a Sunshine Coast yoga teacher to help his 60-year-old mother find an "amazing connection with a complete stranger".

Yoga-teaching couple Kat Tucker and Bodhi Whitaker will hold "Sacred Connection" - a special couple's yoga evening at Being Yoga, Maroochydore, on September 4.

The idea to set up Mr Whitaker's mum Narelle White on a blind yoga date began when she told him she would be coming to the Coast from New Zealand a day before the class.

At first, Mr Whitaker jokingly suggested he had to find a partner for his mother.

But the more he thought about it, the more the idea solidified.

"We were both laughing away and I thought, 'Actually I'm serious. I'll hook Mum up'," Mr Whitaker said.

"She hooked me up with yoga when I was injured in Bali surfing.

"I thought what a great way to repay Mum and hook her up for a night."

But before any cunning Casanovas get any ideas, Mr Whitaker emphasised the class would be "non-sexual".

To apply for the privilege of being Ms White's yoga date, Mr Whitaker has asked potential suitors to send a message through the group's Facebook page, "Sacred Connection Workshop for couples (and potential couples) with Kat & Bods".

Mr Whitaker said he was confident he would be able to pick the right applicant for his mother.

"It'll just happen, I'm sure, with the right person getting in contact," he said.

"The main thing is it's a non-sexual approach - definitely not some sleazy guy.

"Definitely someone who is genuine and wants to connect." Ms Tucker said the idea for the yoga class had formed when she and Mr Whitaker found they were having trouble sleeping together at night, given their individualistic natures.

"Our independent, loving selves were so used to sleeping solo and didn't realise the importance of co-operation," she said.

"Then one night it happened on the floor - nothing sexual, but an intimate connection through partner yoga, breath work, intentions, mantra and massage was birthed.

"It actually all happened spontaneously and in silence - we slept through the night for the first time together and woke up with a 'that was incredible' look on our faces."

Ms Tucker said the evening would include "a bit of everything" including partner yoga, partner massage, and breathing exercises.

"We're really saying people need to make time for everything - they need to make sure they're filling work responsibilities, kids are looked after. But when do they ever really stop to look after the foundation of all of that, which is that relationship," she said.

Both Ms Tucker and Mr Whitaker have studied yoga in India. The cost of the night is $50 per couple. It will be held at Being Yoga, 6/13 Norval Ct, Maroochydore, on September 4 from 7-9pm.

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