Young mum falsely accuses ex of violence in payback

DAY TO day motherly duties aren't easy when you don't have a licence or job, and you rely completely on the person who has a domestic violence protection order out against you.

That's the reality for a Gladstone mother who cannot be named, who pleaded guilty from in-custody to nine charges in the Gladstone Magistrates Court yesterday.

The charges included four domestic violence order breaches, one failure to provide identification particulars to police, one count of leaving a child under the age of 12-years-old unattended, possession of a drug pipe and one failure to appear in the Bileola magistrates Court.

The 25-year-old defendant is the respondent in a protection order made by the aggrieved, a former boyfriend, on January 20, 2016.

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The first reported breach of the order occurred October 9, 2016, according to police prosecutor Gavin Reece.

Mr Reece said on that date at about 3.30pm the defendant called triple 000 and reported a domestic violence incident at her residence, involving the aggrieved.

She told police the aggrieved was at her residence, and had tried to head-butt her.

Police arrived and did not find the aggrieved there, however, he was located and questioned the next day.

The aggrieved told police the defendant was lying to get him in trouble, and said he had not been at the residence nor had he tried to head-butt her.

A witness was able to provide police with a statement to prove he was not at the defendant's home.

Police then questioned the defendant, who made full admissions to wanting to get her ex-partner in trouble with police.

Mr Reece said just four days later, the defendant called the aggrieved and asked him to buy food for her.

The court heard the defendant threatened to call triple zero on the aggrieved and report a false DV incident if he failed to do so.

The court heard she fell asleep after the call and awoke to find that the aggrieved had not brought any food; she called the police and reported a false incident.

Once again, she made full admissions to police when they arrived, that she had just wanted to get the aggrieved in trouble.

Mr Reece said on May 10 police attended the defendant's Bileola residence after receiving reports of yelling and children screaming from inside.

Police attended at about 8.45am and could hear children screaming from inside, however, could not gain entry into the residence.

Five minutes later, the defendant returned to the home carrying one child.

Her and police went inside where two children were present; one asleep and one watching television, screaming.

She told police she only left her house for a short period of time to call her boyfriend to bring food.

The court heard she became frustrated at one of the children when he spilled over the last of the cereal, leaving the family with no more food.

She left the house to use a payphone to call her boyfriend and ask him to bring more.

She was arrested and released on bail for the offence. A further breach of the domestic violence order with the aggrieved occurred on November 1 when police visited the residence and located both the aggrieved and the defendant there.

Two more breaches occurred when police pulled over two vehicles on two separate occasions; the first on February 18 and the second March 28.

On both occasions both the aggrieved and the defendant were present in the vehicles, with another person driving on the first.

The aggrieved told police he was not aware the defendant had gotten in the vehicle; the defendant told police she was unaware of, from sitting in the back-seat, the identity of the aggrieved sitting in the front.

Gladstone Magistrate Melanie Ho imposed a 12-month probation period; the defendant was released from custody immediately.

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