A YOUNG truck driver managed to escape serious injury after being bashed with a fridge after a violent confrontation with a group of Auckland boy racers.

The incident has left truckies angry but Jordan Martin's boss, Paul Stone, is asking people to let the authorities deal with the fallout.

Police are investigating and are now trying to track down those involved.

Footage of the attack has been posted on social media and shows the truck clipping the car and people bashing the driver and trying to rip the driver's door off its hinges after he was forced to pull over on the side of Church St East on Friday night.

The attack happened after Martin, 21, left the Owen's Transport depot in Penrose about midnight.

Martin says he was blocked by the group as he came up to the Industry Rd intersection but he saw a gap he thought he could negotiate his near 50-tonne truck and trailer unit through safely.

However, the trailer clipped the front of a Honda and dragged it for several metres down the road before it has came loose.

Unaware of what had happened, Martin said he continued along Industry Rd only for many of the group to start chasing him in their cars. He was eventually blocked in near Great South Rd.

Martin, who was back behind his truck on Sunday, told the Herald he didn't realise he'd hit anything.

"I had to stop and then people just started crowding round the truck and one guy jumped in the passenger side and started beating me over the head with my fridge and there were people on the driver's side who started trying to get into the truck."

He said initially he didn't know why he was being attacked or realised he'd done anything wrong. It only stopped when the wife of a truck driver who had stopped got out and managed to talk the man out of his cab.

"It just simmered down from there."

Stone was still in shock from what happened but glad his driver escaped relatively unscathed.

"It was pretty horrific. We've got footage from cellphones showing what they did. It's like Fast and the Furious gone wrong."

He said he accepted a car was hit and would have been happy to pay for repairs. But not anymore, especially as he's forked out several thousand dollars to repair his own truck.

"I'm not going to pay for it, he can take me to court."

After a short while, there were "kids everywhere", and was glad the police got there in reasonable time.

"By the end there was just heaps and heaps of people there was nothing you could do. I don't care if you're Bruce Lee. If you've got 60 or 70 young kids they'll just hang off you like they were 6-months-old with their mother and you just end up getting your head kicked in."

He now hopes with the attack in the limelight, the police might keep a closer eye on the drag racing and even shut it down.

One of Martin's colleagues, who didn't want to be named, was on the scene within minutes and left furious by what happened.

"Because it's a 700hp truck, and it's already loaded to 47 tonne, he didn't feel a shitty little 800kg Honda as he went around the corner."

The man said it had left not only him and the rest of his colleagues angry, but many other truckies around the country.

"We've got a truck in a workshop and a driver has been assaulted, all because these clowns were down the industrial area doing drags and skids."

The front end of the truck was "absolutely f*****", he said.

"Windscreen, driver's window, driver's door, every light in the front end, the grill, they've kicked down the side of the truck."

He said there was usually a friendly atmosphere in that area, with some truckies going over to watch the drags before starting their shift.

A police spokesperson confirmed police were called to Great South Rd, Penrose, about 12.05am on Saturday to reports of an assault.

"When police arrived, it was determined that approximately 30 drivers and their passengers had stopped on the road and in carparks around the Oaks Tavern blocking traffic."

Police want to hear from anyone who witnessed the incident or saw the offenders or their vehicles.

Anyone with any information or video footage is urged to contact Manukau Police station on 09-2611300, quoting incident P030117819 .

Information may also be provided anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

* additional reporting Matthew Theunissen

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